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PodTech:Photowalking on the USS Hornet

Photo Geeks vist the USS Hornet which played a key role in WWII and much later picked up two of the Apollo crews

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trying out a Facebook feature

I’, blogging this from my Facebook page. I think this is neat

Messing with “Facebook”

Just trying out a feature in Facebook.

I Went to Wordcamp2007

It was a great two day conference held in San Francisco, Ca at the Swedish-American Hall located at 2174 Market Street. First day focused on users and inculded such speakers as John Dvorack & Lorelle VanFossen as well as MattCutts from Google. Second Day was from the developers view and among others had Dave Winer as a speaker. Great is an all encompassing word that aptly describes the conference to repeat what I’ve already described.


Sure just copy and paste. Who are they trying to kid. In any case no video was embedded.

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Me and Mine

You can view photo’s of me and my two brothers along with my sister at view here