Possible Scammers

Article Copied AND PASTED from article on ReadAutomattic

BIGBOOK.EU is SCAMMING wordpress bloggers. See April Winchell comments. They just copied and changed my article which was complimentary to April to read UN-complimentary, copied and pasted it to their own bogus ass website and then pinged her blog. According to the BIGBOOK.EU source files which are hosted by WORDPRESS.ORG- the co-creators of this retarded, SCAM SITE are: GARRY CONN – of GarryConn.com —- and also —- MARK MASON – of MasonWorld.com If Garry and Mark did NOT co-create this site- they may want to pursue whomever did- because both their names are on it. And it’s a crappy thing to do to the WordPress bloggers- regardless if they are on WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Please spread the word about BIGBOOK.EU and it’s scam tactics. bigbookeusucks

Another Test

Just seeing if this works

I Went to Wordcamp2007

It was a great two day conference held in San Francisco, Ca at the Swedish-American Hall located at 2174 Market Street. First day focused on users and inculded such speakers as John Dvorack & Lorelle VanFossen as well as MattCutts from Google. Second Day was from the developers view and among others had Dave Winer as a speaker. Great is an all encompassing word that aptly describes the conference to repeat what I’ve already described.

Interesting Post

Was surfing and came across an interesting

ng post at http://demolition65.wordpress.


I have one now

Finally got an invite to WordPress.com. Hope this help me to understand word press better. I

have a blog hosted at Host-Me Pay Me.com with a url of http;//robertnelsononline.com/blog/,I own the domain. Have blogs at several other sites too. I find blogs both easier and at least as difficult as a web-site. My host has Fantastico(possibly misspelled) which makes Wird Press easy to install(no need to upload).

Among other things that I hope to learn is how to do a Static page, How to change footers, headers, add to sidebars, etc or in other words my present knowledge is lacking. Some of this is the lack of concern for the end user, the fact that every system loves call the same thing by a new name.