What is your opinion of Digital Rights Management? Have you heard of rootkits?
Do you see similarties or difference between the presnt day battles over cd’s, dvd’s, digital audio boks, etc and the Betamax vs VHS battle


I have one now

Finally got an invite to WordPress.com. Hope this help me to understand word press better. I

have a blog hosted at Host-Me Pay Me.com with a url of http;//robertnelsononline.com/blog/,I own the domain. Have blogs at several other sites too. I find blogs both easier and at least as difficult as a web-site. My host has Fantastico(possibly misspelled) which makes Wird Press easy to install(no need to upload).

Among other things that I hope to learn is how to do a Static page, How to change footers, headers, add to sidebars, etc or in other words my present knowledge is lacking. Some of this is the lack of concern for the end user, the fact that every system loves call the same thing by a new name.

Hello world!