deck of cards jump rope workout

deck of cards jump rope workout.

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BIGBOOK.EU is SCAMMING wordpress bloggers. See April Winchell comments. They just copied and changed my article which was complimentary to April to read UN-complimentary, copied and pasted it to their own bogus ass website and then pinged her blog. According to the BIGBOOK.EU source files which are hosted by WORDPRESS.ORG- the co-creators of this retarded, SCAM SITE are: GARRY CONN – of —- and also —- MARK MASON – of If Garry and Mark did NOT co-create this site- they may want to pursue whomever did- because both their names are on it. And it’s a crappy thing to do to the WordPress bloggers- regardless if they are on or Please spread the word about BIGBOOK.EU and it’s scam tactics. bigbookeusucks

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